John, 20.

I am not resigned: I am not sure life is long enough to learn that lesson.  

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So I made a flickr


If you’re interested, check it out:

Keep in mind that photography is very new to me. I’m a beginner, but I’m practicing. 

(via sodestabilized)

I was of the mind
That as the night grew older
My heart would become weaker

Little did I know
Time pours a glass of champagne
Each morning
The sun jumps over
The horizon.

You are teasing me
Intertwining your fingers with mine
But only for a moment

Fading back into costly denim pockets
Your red stained nails
Are the strikes of lighting
Painted across
Darkened skies

I am a fool
Walking on an empty highway
Counting Mississippi seconds
Wondering if one of those glints in the clouds
Will bring me home.

(Source: mpdrolet)

(Source: mpdrolet)

Siphon gas
And burn rubber
A full tank
And a hand to hold
Will lead you to
On another coast.

(Source: mpdrolet)