John, 20.

I am not resigned: I am not sure life is long enough to learn that lesson.  

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An assortment of crumbs
Lay their heads goodnight
On a plastic dish pillow

My bed is a sinking ship
Surrounded by
Empty bottles and worn socks
The casualties of
Laziness and loneliness.

In 9 days I’ll be playing Destiny

Oh man, I CAN’T WAIT!!

Anonymous asked: Write more. Please.

I still write, just not a lot of poetry. For the past year I’ve focused entirely on reading and writing about hockey. Seriously, I haven’t read a book in ages, just newspaper/bleacher report articles.

Old selfie old selfie old selfie

Old selfie old selfie old selfie

If any of you are interested

I made a twitter account dedicated to talking about the Rangers, corsi, and the NHL in general.


Check it out! If you like it, give me a flow. It would be greatly appreciated

Not all eyes glisten
In the moonlight
You had a pair that dispensed
Soft sparks
Like distant lightning.

I would be a liar if I said that I remembered the last minute of tonights game. I have never been so nervous and excited in my entire life. I went to my first Ranger game in 2004, and after 10 long years I finally get to see them play hockey In June. 


The darkness that covered my walls 
Was no longer accompanied 
By clever and quirky farewells 
Not even the moon 
Had the same blaze of white 
That had me dreaming of
Good mornings.